• Coir Geotextiles are widely used for civil engineering applications, land,slope stabilization application on hill slopes, road and rail embankment, etc.
• Its a 100% organic fibre, from a renewable source.
• Bio-degradable and environment friendly. Degrades over a period of time (2.5 to 6 years.
• Hard and strong, it can be spun and woven into matting.
• Its have the right strength and durability to protect the slopes from erosion, while allowing vegetation to flourish.
• Its promotes the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the top soil from drying out.
• They can dissipate the energy of flowing water and absorb the excess solar radiation.
• Coir geo-textiles allow excellent air, water and light passage helping in the deep rooting of plants.
• The nettings breaks up runoff from heavy rains and dissipates the energy of flowing water and wind.
• Moreover they are much easy to be installed.
• They can also withstand human and even animal movements without any deterioration.

Available in sizes



(900 GMS)



1 M X 50 M to 4 m x 50 m.
Densities :
400 to 1400 GSM
A range of different mesh matting with varying densities are available depending on the landscape design, water flow, soil structure, steepness of slope, vegetation requirements etc.

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